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Atila showed Aetius, He was alone, There would be only darkness for him and death for his people. These Barbarians were only the beginning. Atila would command a great and terrible army. and ride to a million citys. He would ride until every light has been extinguished. Aetis was strong, but Atila was beyond strength. he was the End. And he had come for you, him
~ Dovahttay Describing a quote by attila

Attila, also know as Attila the Hun, was the ruler of Huns who became infamous for terrorizing the Roman Empire after their arrival decades ago along with domino-effect from fleeing Germanic refugees plundering into Roman Empire when their lands were conquered.

In "Unbiased History"[]

"Barbarians at the Gates"[]

Attila, whose Hunnic armies had been gathering up on the Danube and Rhine rivers, proclaimed that "These are the death throes of Rome. The light of civilization dims and gutters. And if such precious time was left to hide your women, for your children to cry, even at the moment of your final defeat you would still take no comfort in oblivion. For I am coming for you. I RIDE WITH A MILLION WARRIORS! I BRING THE END OF DAYS!!. I AM!! THE SCOURGE!! OF GOD!!!. And I will watch your world... Burn."

"The Fall of Rome"[]

Attila is first seen invading the Eastern Roman Empire after drying up Constantinople's gold reserves, with the aid of Orestes. Leading the slaughters in cities like Sirmium, Proto Belgrade, and Naissus, he encountered the Theodosian Walls, and cast his dark magic towards them. This caused an earthquake that made a giant crack in one of said walls, which would have given him the victory if it weren't for the great effort the civilians made to patch up the crack. When the failure to take Constantinople was evident, he left a reverse chi rho on a tree, which would affect Emperor Anastasius. He finished his campaign of Eastern Rome, taking the last of the treasures the Eastern Romans held.

He was provoked to attack the Romans again after Honoria sent him one of her engagement rings. He had also heard that Aetius had been training an army to defend the empire against his Hunnic horde, so enslaved some Gothic ones instead, including men like Odoacer. With this, he started his march through Gaul, first encountering Lutetia, but Genevieve's prayers repelled his forces, causing him to siege Aurelianum instead, but just as he was about to get in with the aid of barbarians, the citizens overthrew said barbarians and re-closed the gates. The siege would last long enough for Aetius' army to arrive, to which Attila's army fled to the Catalaunian Plains, where he held a lead, but his progress ended up being slow enough for Aetius to turn it around, causing Attila to flee again.

Attila's last attack would be directed towards Rome itself, destroying Aquileia in his warpath, inadvertently creating Venice. When he reached Mediolanum, Aetius once again slowed him down enough to minimise the damage, despite running a much smaller army. When he finally got to Rome, he found Pope Leo descending from the sky alongside two Ophanims, requesting Attila's audience. Attila then saw a man in robes raising his sword behind Leo, and decided to talk to Leo, who talked Attila out of conquering Rome. He then went back to the Hunnic Empire to party, marry a Goth girl, and die from a nosebleed.


  • Attila was in a joint-rule with his brother Bleda, who was omitted from the series, until Attila assumed sole control through murder of Bleda.
  • The Design of Attila is inspired by the Witch King from Lord of the Rings.
  • There were many stories and reasons behind Attila withdrawal, which ranged from Pope Leo's bribe to threat of Marcian's campaign in Hunnic heartlands.
  • His death, especially his death from nose bleeding, has been contested due to its ambiguous nature.
    • One claim is that he was poisoned by his would-be-wife or his sons during his wedding.
    • Another is his drunk nature, where the combination of nose bleeding and drunkenness caused him to basically choking him in alcohol as a result.
    • Finally, such event occurred during his sleep, where he would to too unconscious to treat his nose bleeding.